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Happy Labour Day: Summer Sketches and Paintings

summer sketching and painting by artist rachael grad

Drawing Outdoors & Indoors 

The summer in Toronto flew by and I can’t believe today is September 1st and tomorrow is already Labour Day! During the short summer I drew and painted outdoors as much as I could. I also worked on some big painting projects that I’ll blog about once complete. 

I enjoyed drawing around the city and in my own backyard. On the very few rainy days we had in Toronto this summer, I painted colourful abstracts and drew my kids toys from observation.

Shown below is a drawing of my child’s stuffed Pikachu toy that I drew from life. Drawing my kids' toys is something I've been doing since becoming a mom. In 2015, I drew my child's stuffed elephant, lion and other toys daily for over 6 months in a row! Click here to read more about that daily drawing project. 

As a mom of three young children, toys are all over my house and an obvious drawing subject. Even though I borrowed my children’s toys as art subjects, I couldn’t draw when the kids were home. If I did try to draw with the kids around, they’d insist on joining me to make “collaborative art.”

Drawing my Kid's Pikachu Pokemon Toy by Artist Rachael Grad Pencil on Paper Sketchbook

Back to School: Learning from my Kids

Lesson learned by mom: either make art when kids aren’t home or resign myself to sharing art materials and making joint artwork.

Happy Labour Day and for all the parents, enjoy your kids going back to school!