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6 Reasons to Commission Original Art by Artist Rachael Grad

Questions about the art commission process?

I offer artwork commissions for offices and homes. Direct to art collectors and to the trade (for interior designers and art consultants).


  1. You might love a certain drawing or painting, but the size isn't right for your home or office.
  2. You're attached to a specific feeling, memory, nostalgia or landscape and you want to have it captured in an original artwork. 
  3. You may want a specific color combination in a painting and none of the currently available drawings, paintings or art prints in my shop have those colors.   
  4. You want to be actively involved in the creative process and love picking decor and artwork for your home or office.
  5. You want to give a one of a kind gift to someone special. 
  6. You have a new home or office space with lots of wall space. You see owning original art as a great way to create a healthy, creative corporate environment. 


commissioned paintings by Canadian artist Rachael Grad in Toronto homeWhen you order a custom abstract painting or travel artwork you can expect specific results. My abstract artwork is very fluid and no two paintings are the same. Original paintings can't be exactly reproduced. I can make art prints out of certain original artwork (paintings or drawings). You can see an example of a custom art print on metal made from my original landscape painting shown here (read more about it by clicking here). 

Creating art prints based on original paintings doesn't always work and is never exactly the same as the original. So if you love a specific painting or drawing, you should purchase it because I cannot guarantee the same look. Examples of travel artwork, both paintings and mixed media artwork, can been seen in these Art Blog Posts: Travel Art Made at Home and Paintings of France Commissioned for Jaya's Toronto Home.

To begin the art commission process, I start with a phone or video consultation. If you live outside of Toronto, scheduling a Zoom, FaceTime or Skype phone or video call is great so you can show me where the art would go in your home or office. 

Travel Artwork & Abstract Painting Commissions in Toronto

all about art commissions for your new home or office by artist rachael grad

If you live in Toronto, we may be able to coordinate a time to meet in person. We  can discuss colours, space, timeline and ideas either locally in Toronto or on the phone. It’s always helpful to see colour samples or small art painting examples in the space where the artwork will be installed. 

If you're in Toronto, I can bring colour samples, some small art pieces and photos of different series to your office. You’ll pick the artwork size, style and some of the colours. 

Preliminary Art Commission Phase

Depending on which art series you choose, in the initial phase of a commission I'll send you either 3 preliminary sketches or photos of ready-made paintings as reference. This initial discussion helps ensure that the art collector and I are agreeing on artwork composition, style and color. 

After you approve the initial sketch or photograph, I begin painting YOUR piece. I tend work fast with lots of quick changes so am not usually able to show progress photographs. The initial sketches/photographs phase is important because even I closely follow the guidelines of what we agreed to for your commission.

Commissioning an original painting is different than other design services. Each original artwork has variations and is never the same. I will only present you with artwork that I’m proud of and that meets your specific requests. 

Art Commission Pricing 

Package prices for original commission paintings in Toronto start at $1000. The price for a painting commission is typically the base price of my work (example, 36" x 36" store retail price) + 20% because of the added work, time and equipment involved in creating a commission. You may request to keep any preliminary sketches created for you.

Prices for art commissions may vary due to the chosen materials (for example, canvas, wood panel or paper). Commissions require a non-refundable 50% deposit/booking fee. The remaining 50% balance is due before the painting is shipped and the payment is cleared. 

If, for some reason, you're not satisfied (never happened!) you can use the deposit on anything currently available in my Art Shop (this covers 75% of its value, due to the work done for a custom paining including sketches, materials and client service time, etc.). This agreement allows me to sell the finished painting to someone else and you get to have artwork or gift products that you really love.



If you're ready to find out more about a commissioning an original painting, here's how to get started: 

1. Please send me the following : 

  • the specific size of the wall and room where the painting will hang;
  • the series you're interested in and if you have any preference on materials (ex. canvas, paper, panel); (NOTE: my Fluid Series Paintings are painted on canvas, Meditation Dot Series Paintings are on panels);¬†¬†
  • any specific inspiration images, colors, photos, fabric swatches, etc. that you love. You can create a secret Pinterest board for us or send me the link for an existing one; and
  • colors you would like to have included in the painting (around 2 to 4) and any colors that you don‚Äôt want included in your art commission (also around 2 to 4).
2. after receiving the above information, I will follow up with an email with additional basic questions and information on the art commission process. Then we'll either schedule a phone call or meeting in Toronto.
how to commission art for your new home or office by artist rachael grad
3. Payment Terms: Once the painting terms are agreed upon, I'll send you a standard art commission contract and an invoice for 50% of the painting value. 
  • Please note that the 50% is not refundable. If for some circumstance you are unhappy with the painting, you may use the 50% deposit as a store credit for my¬†online Art Shop. The final 50% payment will be due when the painting is ready to be delivered or shipped.¬†
4. Art Commission Timing: Once the invoice is paid I schedule your art commission in my calendar. If you have a pressing deadline, be sure to let me know your timeline so I can give you an estimated start and finish date. 

I typically need up to 6-12 weeks for painting and varnishing. Some of my painting series require a lot of layers (hundreds!) and drying time. 

5. Shipping an Art Commission: if you're in Toronto, you can pick up your painting or I can arrange for delivery and installation. Shipping and installation will be billed separately via an online invoice. 

  • Note:¬†large paintings can be shipped rolled in a tube (if painted on canvas or paper) or require a special¬†crate and shipping service, depending on how you want to frame or install the painting. Any local framing shop can restretch and frame your painting.¬†
  • Art collector is responsible for insurance.¬†
  • All sales are final.
  • No returns or exchanges.
  • 100% refund allowed if artwork arrives damaged.¬†

6. Framing an Art Commission: I'm happy to provide framing suggestions or include framing with your art commission. Please mention this in our initial discussion if you're interested having framing included. 

  • All sales are final. 100% refund allowed if item(s) arrive damaged, otherwise ‚ÄĒ no returns.

Ready to get started? Contact me to commission your very own original piece of art...