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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!¬†ūüéÉShown here are two¬†Glow in the Dark Paintings from my Dot Meditation Series to brighten this spooky day...¬†The two small abstract paintings look completely different in daytime and at night under black light in the dark.

happy halloween Glow in the Dark Abstract Paintings by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

Today in Toronto the weather is very rainy, almost monsoon-like! So I don't think my kids or others will be trick or treating in Toronto today.  I’m sure we’ll have fun anyway on this fun holiday.

Keep reading to see and learn more about more about my spooky glow in the dark abstract paintings...

Happy Halloween Glow in the Dark Art 2019 by Artist Rachael Grad

Happy Halloween: Glow in the Dark Art!

With three young children, Halloween is a major week long celebration in my house. My kids love these spooky abstract paintings that Glow in the Dark. They were super excited the first time I tested how the paintings shine under black light. 

These two spooky abstract paintings were created last spring when I first saw artwork online using glow in the dark art materials. My Dot Meditation Series Paintings, which I've been creating for several years, plays with color, light and movement.  So I wanted to try making some artwork that glows in the dark in this series. With a little research, I found phosphorescent acrylic paint, which glows in the dark under black light.

In daylight these two small paintings look completely different with the purple, pink, white and yellow brushstrokes. Under black light in the dark the paintings have deep purples and glowing neon brushstrokes. 


Art that Glows in the Dark, day and night painting by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

My kids love these two glow in the dark abstract paintings. Almost as much as they love celebrating Halloween!

You can read more about this painting series in this blog post Dot Series Paintings: Color & Meditation. 

I wish you and your family a fun, safe and Happy Halloween!