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10 Great Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

2019-04-17 10 great gift ideas for mother's day rachael grad art artist

Last week I was reminded that Mother's Day is fast approaching. I sold two new paintings to a loving son - one for his mom for Mother's Day and one to keep for himself.  One of the paintings was still wet with new paint! The art collector's visit to my Toronto studio reminded me to start shopping for Mother's Day gifts for my mom, grandmother and aunts. So below you'll find 10 gift ideas for your mom at varying price levels. Some of the suggested gift ides are free. At any time of year, and not just on Mother's Day, honoring mom is a great idea. Sometimes I prefer to give the women in my family homemade artwork and other times I purchase a gift.


10 Top Ways to Honor Your Mom on Mother's Day

1. Mommy and Me Matching Leggings 

mommy and me matching leggings by rachael grad art printWhat's cuter than moms and kids in coordinating outfits? Moms and kids love to match!  Leggings in baby, toddler, kids and adult sizes are a wonderful Mother's Day gift for moms and daughters to enjoy together. You can see my new colorful abstract art print leggings for moms, babies, toddlers and kids by clicking here. Adults can choose between regular art print leggings with elastic waistband and yoga leggings with a soft foldover waistband


2. Mother's Day Card for Mom Colored by Her Kids

happy mothers day coloring car mom and baby elephant by rachael grad art artistNo need to spend lots of money to please your mom on Mother's Day. Get this free colouring card for Mother's Day of a mom and baby elephant image. The adorable mom and baby elephants have their trunks entwined. I drew this Mother's Card in 2015 for my child to colour it in (you can read more about the coloring card in this blog post). You can personalize the adorable card for your mom by coloring it in with her favorite colors. 

3. Scarves Mom Can Wear in Any Season

abstract art print scarf by artist rachael grad fashion colorfulMany women love to wear a fun, colorful scarf in fall and winter under a warm coat. During spring and summer, your Mom can use the scarf as a shawl instead of a sweater or cardigan. Nursing mothers use scarves as a versatile nursing cover. Instead of buying a limited use nursing cover, many moms prefer a large scarf to hid her upper body and baby while breastfeeding. That way moms can keep using the scarf once they're no longer nursing an infant. Shown here is my Abstract Square Brushstrokes in size large (50"x50"), but any scarf will make a great Mother's Day Gift for mom. 

4. Make a Donation in Her Honor

Does your mom have a favorite charity or cause? If she does, you can make a donation to her chosen charity in her honor for Mother's Day. This is a thoughtful and generous way to honor your mother. 

5. Colorful Pillows Liven Up Mom's Favorite Room

abstract art print colorful pillow pillowcases by artist rachael grad Give your mother a cozy, colorful pillow to change the look of her favorite room. It's amazing how small, interesting accessories can completely alter how a room feels. Without a major investment, a pillow can alter the look of a couch or chair. Shown here is a Dot Series Pillow Purples Yellows Blues 7 but any fun pillow will do the trick of changing a room. Pick a pillow in your mom's favorite colors. Or choose a new and different art print pillow that your mom would never think of buying for herself! You'd be surprised to see how much moms like new trendy home accents and accessories.  

6. Time with You!

3 women flowers mother's day gift ideas rachael grad artSpending time with you, her child, is a wonderful way to honor your mother. Especially when your kids are older and out of the house, spending together is an appreciated gift for mom.

7. Cook a Meal for Mom

mother's day gift ideasAnother nice way to honor mom and spend time with her is to cook her a delicious meal or dessert. Breakfast in bed for your mother is a wonderful way to start off Mother's Day. You don't have to get too elaborate with your coffee. I'm sure your mom will appreciate pancakes from a mix, or even just toast with coffee. Brunch is a popular Mother's Day meal either home-cooked or in a restaurant. 

8. Spa Treatment 

Many moms love relaxing at a spa with a massage, pedicure or facial. It's a great way to relax and unwind. You can join her and spend time together! If you want to splurge yourself and your mom, get her a half or full day at the spa with you. 

9. Gift Cards

10 ways to honor mom on mothers day tattooGift cards are an easy gift to email or mail to your mom, especially if you live far apart. Pick her favorite store, shopping mall or subscription service and buy a gift card. Shown here is a girl with a temporary mom tattoo - another fun way to honor mom on Mother's Day!  

10. Original Artwork for Mom's Home or Office 

Cat and Dog, Venice, Italy, Art Print by artist rachael grad photographyA more personal gift for your mother is a unique piece of art for her home or office. Having a one-of-a-kind artwork is always special and she'll be reminded of you when looking at it. Support a local artist in your community or shop online. As an artist, I love the idea of original artwork as a gift! Another art option is to give a limited edition art print or artwork. These are often at a lower price point than original paintings or artwork. Shown here is Cat and Dog, Venice, Italy, Art Print. Animal art prints make a perfect gift for animal-loving moms! 

I hope you find a wonderful way to honor mother, whether by giving her a gift, spending time with her or both!

2019-04-17 10 great gift ideas for mother's day rachael grad ways to honor your mom art artist