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Artist Residency with the Museum of Motherhood

Museum of Motherhood Art Residency with Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

Online Art Exhibition on Pandemic Parenting

This summer I'm working in an online artist residency with the Museum of Motherhood in St. Petersburg, Florida. With young children at home, I am not able to leave my family and attend an exotic artist residency in person. But I'm grateful that I can work on an online art exhibition from Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the Museum of Motherhood in Florida, USA. The museum has featured my art and writing in two blog posts:

Curating an online art exhibition of artist mother work is a challenge on which I'm excited to embark.  I've asked several Professors from OCAD University who are parents, wives, teachers, mentors and practicing artists to include their art in my Museum of Motherhood show. Natalie Waldburger, JJ Lee, and Amy Swartz will be included in the Pandemic Parenting Art Exhibition. I was fortunate to meet them while studying at OCAD University in the Department of Painting and Drawing. The three mother artists make work individually and collaboratively in their art collective The Drawing Board. Batnadiv HaKarmi, my former classmate from the New York Studio School who now lives in Jerusalem, will also share her artwork and views on parenthood. 

Museum of Motherhood Artist Residency with Canadian Rachael Grad

OCAD University also issued a Press Release on the art exhibition and my artist residency at the Museum of Motherhood: "The Art of Motherhood", OCAD University (August 3, 2022).

The Museum of Motherhood created this online art exhibition page on my current show "Pandemic Parenting; Collaborating and Carving Out Space for Art." Each week this month I'm curating a mother artist's art and projects in the exhibition. Here is the art show description:

Rachael Grad’s Remote Residency supports an exercise in curatorial collections of mother artists who managed to create artwork and keep up their studio practice while parenting and teaching during COVID 19 pandemic. The artist mothers she identified found ways of collaborating with other parent artists while also making art at home; they created on desks and also big art in public spaces. At different times, the women featured in this MoM online exhibit have involved their children in art-making while still craving, and carving out, an autonomous practice as well. They drew strength both from alone time and from working with other parent artists. By capturing aspects of their own worlds, while quarantining at home with children and partners, these mothers have been able to express themselves during difficult circumstances.

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