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New York Studio Interior Art Print by artist Rachael Grad preview image
New York Studio Interior Art Print-Abstract Art Prints-Canadian Artist Rachael Grad
New York Studio Interior Art Print in white room with white chair by artist rachael grad
New York Studio Interior Art Print | Colorful 10" x 8" Abstract Artwork | Multicolor Wall Art | Abstract Bedroom Decor | Home Decor Prints Rachael Grad
Colorful Art: Add Color to Your Home or Office by Artist Rachael Grad

Art Print - New York Studio Interior

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This colorful abstract interior art print is from an original oil painting by artist Rachael Grad. The large painting was painted from life in my New York art studio in 2008. Bold brushstrokes of strong, bright colors make this a lively artwork. The gorgeous multicolor artwork is printed on archival quality paper with a perfect matte finish suitable for framing.

Offered as a 10" x 8" Fine Art Print or Digital Art Print, depending on your budget. If you'd like a different size or art print material, please contact me for additional art print options. Please note that the text "" is only for viewing web purposes and does not appear on the actual art print. 

The Story Behind the Original Colorful New York Studio Interior Painting

The colorful original painting was made with oil paint on linen stretched on a wooden 4' x 5' frame that I built. At the time, it was the largest painting I had made. Because so many people are drawn to this work, I've decided to offer it as an art print. 

This interior setting is very vibrant and colorful with lots of blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, pink, green and multicolors. I've shown it in public spaces including New York City and the Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre & Spa. 

Art Print Features

The colorful New York Studio Interior Art Print is a great way to add color to your home or office. The Art Print is offered as a Fine Art Print and a Digital Print (differences are listed below).  

Paper & Ink Quality of the Art Prints

  • Matte finish artwork with no surface glare that is perfect for framing under glass
  • High quality 300gsm weight paper that is archival quality and long-lasting
  • Artwork inks are museum quality and long lastings with feature print permanence ratings of up to 200 years
  • Art Print is resistant to damage from UV light, humidity, atmospheric ozone
  • Artwork is printed and shipped from Canada

The Difference Between Fine Art and Digital Prints

When comparing fine art prints and digital prints there are small noticeable differences in the colours and gradients:

  • the fine art prints are the best possible print, ink, and paper combination using the best current available printing technology
  • less magenta shades in the digital print (4 colours of toner) compared to the art print (11 colours of ink)
  • the depth of the dark colours is less in the digital print compared to the fine art prints
  • the fine art prints have 1" or 2" border options that are suitable for framing