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Abstracted collage artwork by Canadian Artist rachael Grad
Abstracted City, Collage Painting by Artist Rachael Grad

Collage Painting - Abstracted City

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Abstracted City, Collage Painting, 20" x 16," mixed media on wood panel, 2019.

Fragments of memory are reflected in the blending of cut up photographs, textured and painted moments. The scenes are combined so that the viewer cannot easily see which parts are painted and which are photographs.

Red, blue and yellow broken pieces of collage symbolize the illusion of memory. What actually happened and what’s remembered is unclear because recollections are nebulous in nature. Photographs appear to document events but the memories are questioned through the combined fragments of documented and imagined scenes. This mixed media collage incorporates photographs I took in Tel Aviv, Israel in October 2019. 

The artwork on wood panel measures 40.64 cm x 50.8 cm (16" x 20"). 

This original collage artwork ships directly from my art studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Please note that the writing is for web purposes only and is not on the actual painting.