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Abstract Interior 1, 2019 Acrylic Paint on Panel, 16" x 20" x 1" by Artist Rachael Grad
Closeup detail of Abstract Interior Painting Colorful Original Artwork by Artist Rachael Grad

Painting - Abstract Interior 1

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Abstract Interior 1 was painted in winter of 2019 over many painting sessions. This colorful abstract interior artwork was made with acrylic paint on a cradled wood panel. The original painting measures 16" x 20" x 1"

The multicolors and visible brushstrokes make this colorful painting bold, striking and fun. Please note that the original painting is signed on the back. The "" writing on the art is only for sharing the image here and does not appear on the original painting. 

This painting is also available as an Art Print

Abstract Interior 1 Painting Inspiration

This painting was painted from life last winter in Toronto when I was stuck inside because of the extreme weather. I was inspired to capture the beautiful Canadian winter light coming through the windows of this dining room and living room.

Prior to this painting, I hadn't painted interiors from life for almost 10 years!

Painting Process for Interior Abstracts

To start an abstract interior painting, I draw a compositional sketch with a thin layer of paint. Working directly from observing the light and the architecture of the room. 

I apply careful brushstrokes of color applied in layers over multiple painting sessions. The bright, vivid colors in this abstract interior include blue, red, purple, green, yellow, orange, white and multicolors.

Over time as I apply paint, the artwork becomes more abstracted and colorful. 

Why I Use Acrylic Paint on Panel for Abstract Interior Paintings

Acrylic paint works well for layering. The quick drying acrylic paint allows me to create colorful layers with depth. I can achieve this effect more quickly than with oil paint.