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Fine Art Prints in Mommy Mayhem series by Toronto Artist Rachael GradWant to win a limited edition abstract artwork? All you need to do is sign up for my email list to be entered to win your choice of one of my 52 limited edition prints from my Mommy Mayhem Series fine art prints.
About this abstract art series: my art is driven by an obsessive-compulsive need to document my children and their perpetually changing debris (meaning toys, books, clothing, and messes). Daily household and art routines, rituals, and schedules reflect my attempt to reign in the chaos of pandemic parenting. Numbers, habits, and repetition are crucial to my sanity and survival. For 52 weekends in each year, my children's school, daycare, or summer camp are closed for 65 hours in a row.
The 52 digital collages each have 65 layers and are printed on highest quality paper. You can see all 52 fine art prints on my Mommy Mayhem Print page

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