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Live Painting Toronto

Live Painting by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

Toronto Live Painting with Canadian Artist Rachael Grad for parties in GTA Toronto

Want to book a local artist to paint live at your upcoming Toronto party or event? If you’re interested in booking a Toronto live painter, contact Artist Rachael Grad here. Event live paintings are great for Corporate Events, Weddings, Charity Fundraisers, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties, Golf Tournaments and more.  Keep reading to learn more about what's involved with live painting events. 

All About My Live Painting in Toronto

I love painting whether it’s in my studio along or at parties and events! See local artist Rachael Grad paint live at Toronto events in the photos. I'm comfortable painting outdoors or indoors. You can choose which style and size artwork you'd like at your events. Live painting art style choices can include impressionist, abstract, geometric and more. 

Want to learn more about live painting for your Toronto Event?

Click here to inquire about a FREE phone call consultation with Artist Rachael Grad. The initial project consulting for Toronto live painting is free. The art consult includes a comprehensive phone call. After the initial phone call, you can also request a video call or in person Toronto meeting regarding the event painting size and artist fee. 

Toronto Live Painting Pricing

Live Painting in June 2022 by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

Pricing for live painting in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area depends on the requirements of your online or in-person event. Custom quotes for live painting vary depending on: 

  • event location and travel time for artist (Toronto artist);
  • size of the event, gala party or wedding;
  • style of artwork requested (abstract, impressionistic, etc.);
  • painting size;
  • whether you want to keep the painting;
  • one live painting or two to be painted during the wedding, gala, or Toronto event;
  • how many hours of live painting will you require at your event;
  • optional varnishing and artwork framing after the event; and
  • optional installation of the finished artwork in your home or office.

I am happy to provide a complimentary consultation and quote for your Toronto event, wedding, or gala. 

More Information on Live Painting in Toronto:

  • Finished Live Painting Materials and Options: I typically use acrylic paint on canvas because acrylic dries quickly and will be ready to take home by the end of your event.
  • Varnishing the Artwork: The painting will not be varnished at the event. If you would like to keep the painting you can decide whether you want to have the artwork varnished. I can take it to my art studio to finish and then deliver or ship to you within a few weeks of your event. Please note that the shipping and varnishing may include an additional fee to your live painting quote. 
  • Painting Framing: if you want to keep the painting and have it framed, I can include framing in the live painting pricing. If you would like your live painting to have framing for your home or office, I can include this as an additional cost to your quote. Framing can also be added on after your Toronto event. 
  • Painting Installation in Your Toronto Home or Office: installation of the finished live painting after the event can be added to your live painting quote. Please mention your request during the initial phone consultation. This option of Toronto artwork installation can also be added after your event. 
  • Travel/Accommodation for Events outside Toronto: Live painting pricing includes event locations inside the greater Toronto Area (GTA). Event locations outside of Toronto may include an additional fee.

Wedding Live Painting in Toronto

Do you want live painting at your Toronto wedding reception or religious ceremony? When submitting a live painting wedding art commission inquiry, please include the following information:

  • your wedding date including time of day and expected duration 
  • the Toronto venue for your wedding
  • how many people you expect to attend your event including guests and wedding venue staff
  • whether your wedding will be indoors or outdoors
  • if your wedding is planned at an outside venue, whether you have an indoor backup option
  • if you already know the perfect live painting spot at your wedding venue or would like help in finding the perfect view of your special day
  • the dress code for your wedding or event 

Ready to book Live Painting for your Toronto event, party or corporate function? Contact me here to book live painting with Toronto Artist Rachael Grad.

Live Painting in Toronto with Canadian Artist Rachael Grad February 2020