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Mommy Mayhem abstract colorful art print by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

Art Print - 65 Layers of Toy Drawings and Paintings #35

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Mommy Mayhem: 65 Layers of Toy Drawings and Paintings #35, 2021

Number 35 in the digital collage Mommy Mayhem Series features 65 layers of my original drawings in pencil on paper photographed then merged together in Photoshop to create a fine art print. 100 prints of this collage on highest quality luxury art paper are available in this limited edition series. Red, pink, purple, green, yellow, blue, and multicolours are featured in this artwork. Drawings in pencil of my child's favourite stuffed toy monkey can be seen through the colours.

The Inspiration Behind This Collage Series

My art is driven by an obsessive-compulsive need to document my children and their perpetually changing debris (meaning toys, books, clothing, and messes). Daily household and art routines, rituals, and schedules reflect my attempt to reign in the chaos of pandemic parenting. Numbers, habits, and repetition are crucial to my sanity and survival. For 52 weekends in each year, my children's school, daycare, or summer camp are closed for 65 hours in a row. The 52 digital collages each have 65 layers.

The digital collage is available as a limited edition fine art print in 11" x 8.5" (27.94 cm x 21.59 cm) and ships from my studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.