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3 cat in venice Italy by toronto artist rachael grad
3 cats in venice, italy original painting by Canadian artist Rachael grad

Cats in Venice, Italy Painting

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Original painting of the same cat in Venice, Italy painted in 3 different positions. Painted with acrylic paint on highest quality wooden panel measuring 9" x 12" (22.86 cm c 30.48 cm). For this painting, I set up a diorama scenes with my original travel photographs and paintings in the background, walls and floor. Then I painted from observing the diorama, my paintings and photographs. 

I slowly built up thin layers of paint in Venetian colors of earthy Indian reds, yellow ochres, umbres, black and white. I've been revisiting my travel photography, drawings and paintings and using them to create new artwork at home. While studying art in Venice, Italy many years ago, I was fascinated by the house cats and dogs that roam free and off leash throughout the city. 

The original artwork is signed on the back and was painted in July 2020. Please note that the writing is for web purposes only and is not on the actual painting. This original painting ships directly from my art studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.