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Abstract painting Mayhem Bunny Landscape in Greens by Rachael Grad

Painting - Mommy Mayhem: Bunny Landscape in Greens

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Original painting of an abstracted bunny and green landscape, by artist Toronto Rachael Grad. Painted with acrylic paint on highest quality 22" x 30" (55.28 cm x 76.2 cm) gessoed Arches paper. In this painting, I try to capture the bright colours and movements of a toy animal in space.

I slowly built up thin layers of paint on gessoed paper in bright greens, yellows, oranges, and pinks. The original artwork is signed on the back and was painted in 2022-23. This original painting ships directly from my art studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

With its carefully applied layers of vibrant oil paint on top-quality gessoed paper, this one-of-a-kind painting captures the fun of an abstracted stuffed toy out in nature. Crafted with care and signed by the artist on the back, this lovely art piece adds a unique touch of artistic excellence to any home. A colourful abstract painting is the perfect addition to a child's or family room. And with direct shipping from the artist's studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, it's a truly special purchase for an art lover.

 Experience the beauty and vibrancy of a one-of-a-kind painting that captures the fun and movement of a toy bunny set in a lush green landscape. Crafted with care by artist Toronto Rachael Grad using vibrant acrylic paint on quality gessoed paper, this stunning art piece is a unique addition to any home and a must-have for art lovers. Give your space a touch of artistic excellence with this carefully layered and signed original painting.