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self portrait red black white oil on canvas painting rachael grad art


Self-Portrait in Oil on Canvas

The self-portrait shown above was painted in December 2008. I used three paint colours (black, white and red) and completed this canvas painting in one session during a very cold December in New York city. I had been working on two other paintings of a male model just prior to this one, painting along side an artist friend.

The self-portrait took less than three hours. My dog was a puppy at the time and running around the studio in circles.

While painting this self-portrait I was frustrated by the constant interruptions in the art studio. Feeling very unsatisfied with the two paintings I had created just before this one. I think that the frustration comes through in this self-portrait. My feelings of self-doubt and artistic annoyance were channeled into this piece and released!

Throughout my life, I've gone through periods when I paint self-portraits. In 2008 I painted several self-portraits in oil paint on canvas. Lately I've been painting objects and different subject matter including abstract acrylic painting, which I plan to share on this Art Blog.

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