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Wanted: Info on Mysterious European Buyer!

Do You Know Where My Art Print Is?

The first copy of my Limited Edition Art Print Yellow House, Venice, Italy is somewhere in Europe. I don't know who bought the artwork or where they took it. The artwork and its mysterious buyer remain at large. Information on the artwork's whereabouts and buyer would be much appreciated by its loving creator (me). 

Below is the mysterious story of how the Yellow House, Venice, Italy art print went missing, what I imagined happened to the artwork and more info on my Italy Art Print Series.

Wanted: Info on Mysterious European Buyer! yellow house art print missing rachael grad artist

Here's What I Imagined Happened to the Artwork... 

It was a hot, steamy Toronto summer day. A mysterious European stranger strolled into Cocoalatte on St. Clair Ave West for a quick bite to eat. Looking at his watch, he realized that he was already running for his flight back home to Europe. So he changed his food order to go.

Glancing around, he spotted a beautiful artwork of Venice, Italy above the fireplace. A wave of nostalgia and happy memories came over him. He thought of his past visits to Venice, Italy and the amazing times he had. He remembered eating the best gelato and seafood risotto of his life and taking gondola rides with his lone-gone love. He daydreamed about going back to the gorgeous Italian city with its softly flowing canals and beautiful views.

Going back to Venice wasn't an option so he decided he had to have the artwork that brought back all his happy memories. He insisted with the owners that he take it home right away. He wouldn't leave without it so grabbed the art, stuffed cash into the cafe owner's hands, and ran off into the sunset. 

Maybe I'm embellishing and imagining things a little bit. 

Here's the Real Story of the Missing Art Print...

After first showing my Italy Art Print Series at Cocoalatte in 2015, I gave the cafe owners Enrique and Cristina their favorite print from the show: Yellow House, Venice, Italy, Ink on Metal Limited Edition Print, 16" x 16", 1 of 25. The print was hanging above the fireplace at the back of Cocoalatte. In summer 2015, I received a call from Enrique and Cristina letting me know that a customer from Europe insisted on buying the print from them just before heading off to the airport.

Eric and Cristina had been reluctant to give up the print but eventually agreed to let it go. The art collector was in a rush to get to the airport to travel back home to Europe so Cristina didn't have the chance to get his information. Please let me know if you know where the print is hanging in Europe! 

I'm always curious to know where my art is hanging and love to see photos of my artwork installed in art collectors' homes and businesses. If an art collector is willing, I love to feature tours of their homes or businesses on my Art Blog. 


Wanted: Info on Mysterious European Buyer! yellow house art print missing rachael grad artist

More on my Italy Series Art Prints

The Italy Series Art Prints are some of my favorite photographs from Italy in summer printed on metal or canvas. These prints are scenes from Italy, including dogs and cats in the alleys and canals of Venice, swimmers in Cinque Terre, and beautiful houses in Venice. 

The brushed metal prints are perfect for open kitchen ares like Cocoalatte cafe. The art prints can be easily wiped clean and are perfect for humid environments like kitchens and bathrooms. Along with Cocoalatte, art prints from the Italy limited edition series Yellow House, Venice, Italy have been on display on the main floor and the executive office waiting area of the Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre and Spa.

You can view available limited edition art prints in my online Art Shop. Some of the gorgeous numbered metal artwork are still available for sale. Check out my Art Shop or contact me if you're interested in purchasing a copy of the print.