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My VIP Art update is coming out this week. Do you want to stay up to date with my art show schedule this summer, be the first to know about my new artwork releases, AND learn about exclusive VIP-only promotions? Join my VIP Art newsletter and receive a free gift just for signing up!  

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VIP Art Newsletter Out This Week - Sign Up Now! by Rachael Grad Artist

What's Does an Art VIP Get?

As Art VIP gets first access to new original art, gift collections, invitations to events and updates. You'll get to see sneak peaks of artwork in progress, behind the scenes studio photos and videos. Art VIPs get first dibs on promotions, limited editions, new art and gifts and sales. 

My Promise to Art VIPs

I promise to:

  • make your inbox more colorfulfun and inspiring with creative messages, artwork and art inspiration
  • give you first access to new art and gift products
  • do everything possible to brighten your day and make your inbox more happy, colourful, fun!

How Frequently Will You Get Art VIP Messages?

Art VIP updates come out not more than once a month, unless I have something really exciting and timely to share. My art journey has been winding, messy and exciting. I hope you'll join me on my art exploration journey!

Want more info? If you have any questions or hesitations, you can contact me with questions any time by filling out this form

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