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Quote from Artist Romare Bearden

Organizing Chaos Through Art

“The artist confronts chaos. The whole thing of art is, how do you organize chaos?” Quote from Romare Bearden
We live in strange, volatile and chaotic times and I find this quote from Artist Romare Bearden to be inspiring and encouraging,

"The artist confronts chaos. The whole thing of art is, how do you organize chaos?"

- Romare Bearden

Artist Romare Bearden as Inspiration

When I lived in Washington, D.C. I was fortunate to see saw many of Romare Bearden’s paintings in person at special art exhibitions and museums including at the National Gallery of Art and the Phillips Collection. Romare Bearden's colorful artwork and strong compositions are distinctive and memorable.  Bearden (1911- 1988), was an African American Artist, author and songwriter and is well-renowned for his striking paintings and collages of black American life. His earlier artwork was figurative and representational, and his later work more abstract.

Bearden's artwork has long been inspiring to me with its bold use of line, colors and composition. His quote about artists confronting chaos and organizing it resonates now in these turbulent times. You can learn more about this great American Artist's life, art and legacy on the Romare Bearden Foundation website. In the background of the famous Romare Bearden quote is one of my abstract paintings. See more original artwork below. 

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On organizing chaos through art...

Romare Bearden quote with artwork by artist Rachael Grad in background