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Thank you, Judith & Reese!

My Week of Being Thankful

I lived, studied and worked in the US for 15 years so American Thanksgiving always makes me feel grateful. Thanksgiving is a time when I feel fortunate for where I live (now Toronto, Canada) and the amazing people in my life. The year is almost over and I'm reflecting on all the friends, family and customers who have made my year so incredible.

First I have to thank my family, and especially my husband and parents, who've watched my 3 kids so I have time to paint, design and attend markets and art shows. 

Thank you, Judith & Reese, for modeling my art leggings by Artist Rachael Grad

Judith, my close friend, and her daughter Reese who modeled my leggings and gift products much better than me (you can see in this photo of us)! We've been friends since we were 2 years old and Judith is like family to me. Judith is a talented actress and her daughter Reese has already acted in Canadian commercials and a Hollywood movie and danced in several ballets with the National Ballet of Canada. How lucky am I to have this talented mom and daughter modeling my leggings, scarves and gifts?! I'm even more fortunate to have Judith as friend for most of my life.

Tomorrow I'll share more people to whom I'm grateful to have in my life. In the meantime...

Thank you so much, Judith & Reese, for modeling my leggings, scarves and gifts in style! 

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