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Sketches & Pencil Drawings on the Beach at Club MED Cancún Yucatan Mexico

My family and I just got back from a wonderful vacation at Club Med Cancún Yucatan. Shown are pencil sketches and gesture drawings that I drew of people on the beach in Mexico. You can see my sketchbook and the gorgeous beach, ocean and sky in the background. Back in Toronto and already missing the sun, ocean and blue sky in a Cancun! 

Drawings on the Beach in Mexico Man reading pencil woman

Gesture Drawings of Tourists on the Beach

Above are quick sketches of women resting, tanning and lounging on the Club Med Cancún Yucatan beach. Below is a drawing of a man sitting and reading on a lounge chair. The lifeguard station is in the background. You can see a sketch and photo of the lifeguard and this station from a different angle in this blog post from last week “Quick Drawings on the Beach.” All the drawings shown are pencil on paper (sketchbook).

At Club Med Cancún Yucatan Sketches & Pencil Drawings on the Beach in Mexico Man reading pencil

Below is a woman reading a book on a beach lounge chair. The sunhat was tricky to draw because the breeze kept changing the position of the hat on her head! 

Drawings on the Beach in Mexico woman reading pencil

Drawing Time on Vacation Thanks to Kids Clubs at Club MED

The only reason I had time to draw and relax on the beach is because of the wonderful kids’ club and activities at Club MED Cancún Yucatan. The kids have the time of their lives while the adults are free to do whatever else they want. In my case, it was draw, sketch and swim! You can’t tell from my drawings that the beach is super hot this time of year and the water is amazingly refreshing. 

We’re very grateful to the amazing staff, and especially the Kids Club GOs, for taking such wonderful care of our kids and keeping them happy and busy. I really enjoyed the free time to relax, swim, workout, and draw! The change of scenery and hot, sunny weather was amazing. 

Drawing woman seated beach club med Cancún Yucatan Mexico by Artist Rachael Grad

Back To Art Basics While on Vacation

It was wonderful to have the time to draw and sketch on the beach in Cancún, Mexico. I enjoyed making gesture pencil drawings of people on the beach, something I haven’t done in a while. In art school and afterward, I painted, sculpted and drew mostly figures and animals. More recently, I’ve moved away from figurative art and have been painting colorful abstracts and flowers.

As a painter, I love mixing paint colors and medium. Finding time to draw can be a challenge. Drawing is a useful tool and always helpful to a painter or sculptor. But when short on time, I often skip basic drawing and go straight to the paint in my home art studio. When traveling, I bring lighter drawing materials like pencils and a sketchbook age get back to the drawing basics. Traveling is my chance to draw in a smaller sketchbook! With a paper and travel sketchbook, I can quickly capture new scenes and experiences. 

Bringing Travel Experiences Into the Art Studio

Whenever I travel I bring along some art supplies. The experience of seeing different places and meeting new people always opens my eyes to something exciting that I can bring into my artwork. I’m excited to see how my vacation sketches and experiences will come into my artwork now that I’m back at home in my art studio. Today in Toronto it’s rainy, gray and unseasonably cold for May 1. My skin is relieved to be back in the cooler weather but my mind and heart and daydreaming of the vivid colours in Mexico! 

Woman resting beach club med Cancún Yucatan Mexico by Artist Rachael Grad drawing pencil sketch

Our whole family had a wonderful time at the Cancun, Mexico Club Med resort and we can’t wait to visit Club MED again! You can see more gesture drawings of people on the beach in this post Quick Drawings on the Beach. I also shared two color pencil drawings in this post Color Pencil Drawings in Mexico