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Sketchbook Drawings of Vacationers at Florida Pools

Drawing People at Swimming Pools in Florida 

Sketchbook pencil drawing on paper by Artist Rachael GradShown are quick gesture drawings and pencil sketches that I drew last week. Lucky to take a break from the cold Toronto winter, I was in South Florida on a family vacation. The people shown in my sketchbook drawings are locals and tourists at different pools in South Florida. 

As usual, I brought my sketchbook and drawing pencils in my bag while traveling. Less than 3 hours on a plane, Florida weather is completely opposite to Toronto in winter.  It's so wonderful to escape the cold and be able to draw outdoors in the middle of winter!

 Sketchbook Drawings of Vacationers at Florida Pools By Artist Rachael Grad

Quick Gesture Drawings of Tourists and Travelers

On a family vacation I don’t have much time to create art. But I do sneak in quick gesture drawings when possible. On my last trip I drew some landscape views and people at the beach in Tel Aviv. Last week I drew people at swimming pools and relaxing outdoors in Florida. 

To minimize weight in travel baggage, I usually bring only a sketchbook, drawing pencils, eraser and pencil sharpener when on a trip. This limits what I can capture, but also helps me to refocus on basic drawing and art skills. Drawing is always helpful to brush up on for my painting.

Women by a Pool Gesture Drawing by Artist Rachael Grad

Stay tuned for more drawings and sketchbook pages... 

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