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Sketchbook Drawing on the Beach in Tel Aviv, Israel

Beach Drawings: Sketchbook Drawing on the Beach in Tel Aviv, Israel 


Drawing People on the Beach

I bring my sketchbook and drawing pencils everywhere I go, including on family trips. On a  trip Tel Aviv, I’ve been drawing people relaxing on the beach. The October weather has been perfect for the beach with sun, humidity and the Mediterranean Sea is nice and warm.

Shown here quick sketches I made of locals and tourists at the beach in Hilton Bay, Tel Aviv.

Gesture drawing on the beach by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

Creating Art While Traveling

When traveling I bring basic art supplies: sketchbook, pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener. I also stick to art basics with black and white gesture drawings and quick sketches. 

Pencil drawing on the beach by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

Sketchbook drawing is a chance to focus on art essentials: capturing line and form in pencil on paper. At home in my art studio I mostly paint in color. When abroad I mainly sketch and draw. 

Even when out in Toronto I always take a light sketchbook and drawing materials. My criteria for buying purses/handbags includes:

  1. must be super and light;
  2. Must fit a sketchbook, preferably sized at least an 8.5” x 11”

Drawing People on the beach by Artist Rachael Grad    

Stay Tuned for More Travel Art...

Along with drawing people on the beach, I’ve also made some landscape sketches of beach views with palm trees, rocks and the Mediterranean Sea. With my large camera, Ive been taking photographs too. I’ll post the landscape drawings and inspiration travel photos in another Art Blog Post.