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Sami Leggings Seen in Williamsburg, NY

Spotted in New York: Sami Leggings on adorable Arina! 

Spotted in New York: Sami Leggings on adorable Arina! Pants by Artist Rachael GradArina looks so cool in her multicolored leggings, black t-shirt and flower boots.  Rumor has it that Arina was posing all around Williamsburg, Brooklyn and NYC in these colorful pants and stylish outfit.  Arina is so much more fashionable than I could ever dream to be.  That's why it's so wonderful to see my leggings on such a cool New Yorker kid!  I'm always thrilled to have my art and gifts out in the world enjoyed by others. It's especially fun to see photos of my art and gifts in far away homes and offices. So if you have my art, leggings or gifts and are happy with your purchase, please write a review on Facebook (click here to see my Facebook page) or tag me on InstagramWhen I hear positive feedback from happy art collectors and customers, it makes my day!  I'm always willing to share your positive reviews and testimonials on my social media accounts! You can find me as @RachaelGradArt on InstagramFacebook and Twitter) and here on my Art Blog or contact page. You can read more about these Sami kids leggings below, including details on legging fit, sizing and inspiration behind the colorful design. Remember to contact me or tag my social media accounts (@RachaelGradArt on InstagramFacebook and Twitter) if you want me to reshare your photos.

Thank you, mom Elena, for sending me these sweet photographs of Arina posing in my Sami Art Leggings! 

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