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Quick Gesture Drawings in Pen and Pencil

Travel Sketchbook Pages

Sketchbook Drawing of Travellers at Toronto Pearson Airport by Artist Rachael Grad   As promised in an earlier Art Blog post I’m posting some sketchbook drawings. Even while traveling and spending time with family and friends, I always pack a sketchbook and drawing pencils in my purse or suitcase. 

Shown above is a quick pen sketch of travellers at Toronto Pearson Airport shown waiting in the lounge. Everyone’s busy on their phones and tablets. The second image shown below is a fast and loose gesture drawing in pencil of a family member reading on an iPad. I take my sketchbook wherever I go in the hopes of capturing interesting gestures and improving moments. You never know when there will be a travel delay and extra time to get in a quick drawing or longer art study. 

Happy holidays and safe travels!

Pencil drawing of a woman reading by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad