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Pink and Red Paintings

Original Art Inspired by Valentine's Day

Pink Red Paintings for Valentines Day by Toronto Artist Rachael GradWith Valentine's Day coming up next week, pink and red paint colors keep sneaking their way into my art palette and paintings. Maybe it's all that time working on Valentines Cards with my kids that's impacting my color choices! Shown is a painting in progress that had more purple and yellow colors until the Valentine spirit got a hold of me this past week.  Lots of purple, yellow, red, orange and pink colors in this artwork.  I always try to make my own Valentine's Day and holiday cards with my children.  It's so much fun to hand paint gifts and cards with kids as a weekend or after school activity.  At certain times of year, I don't have time to paint with my children so instead choose to buy gifts.  When I'm buying Valentines gifts, I like to buy local, handmade items whenever possible.  I'm very proud to offer 100% Canadian made leggings, scarves, pillows, and other gifts with my original artwork and designs. 

Original Art Makes a Great Valentine's Gift

Original paintings, drawings or handmade gifts made wonderful, original gifts for Valentine's Day. Below you can shop my new Valentines Gift collection and a curated selected of art prints and gifts.  This artwork and Canadian made art products make for great gifts on Valentine's Day. 

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