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Pink and Orange Yoga Mat for Pilates on Demand

New Branded Yoga Mat

Pilates on Demand custom yoga mat by Rachael GradDesigned for Jess, the founder of Pilates on Demand, this yoga mat is an exclusive branded gift product. This fun yoga mat combined with a membership to Pilates on Demand make the perfect Mother’s Day Gift for moms!  Women who want to stay or get fit will love having their own yoga mat at home, along with access to over 100 fitness programs from Pilates on Demand.  Jess' adorable daughter Rachel is shown here on the yoga mat.  Below you can see Jess with Rachel and their sweet dog Allen on the new custom yoga mat.  Jess and I have been working on new products so stay tuned.  We'll be releasing more fun, happy fitness products designed especially for women in my Art Shop and on Pilates on Demand. Jess has been a pleasure to collaborate with and I really enjoy her fitness programs, recipes and advice. I'm not the only woman who loves the at home fitness program Pilates on Demand.  

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custom yoga mats by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad