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New Colorful Home Decor and Artwork on Society6

Cat Decor: New Home Decor and Accessories for Cat Lovers by Artist Rachael Grad

Fun Accessories and Art Prints!

Since January I've been testing out my original artwork and photographs on art prints and home decor designs. This week I set up a new home decor and art print shop on Society6  

Why Society6?

I've been getting frustrated with  testing my art on physical products. You can see some of the winning art collections here on my own website! The collections shown on my art shop (pillows, leggings, scarves, art prints and more) are all the keepers.

But the truth is that it's taking up too much of my time and money to design and curate so many individual products. 

A few local Toronto artist friends recommended Society6 because of the high quality home decor products. So I decided to try out my artwork designs on Society6 (click here to check out my shop on Society6).  

I love how my artwork and edited photograph designs look on wall clocks, furniture, bed sheets and knapsacks! Some examples of my new Society6 home decor products are shown here. 

home decor for dog lovers new duvet cover of dogs swimming by artist Rachael Grad

What Would I Rather Create?

I'd rather be in my art studio creating original paintings and artwork. The last months have been busy with large painting commissions and custom artwork requests.

Painting is my real passion and always my first choice! I love to work with paint color and experiment in my art studio. Working on large painting commissions or artwork projects brings me so much joy. 

Creating home decor and art print products requires countless hours of photographing, digital art editing and designing on my computer. Then spending money on samples and test designs. I've ordered a lot of test products that look great in the mockup files and then terrible in real life. 

So time for a new strategy! Going forward I'll be releasing high quality, luxury limited edition products here on my own Art website.

Special Limited Edition Home Decor & Art Print Collections 

Starting this fall I'll be creating and sharing special luxury, limited edition home decor products and art print collections here on my own art website. You can get special access to the pre-orders and pre-sales of those limited editions by signing up for my VIP Art ListClick here to sign up for my VIP Art List!

 Color Art Backpack: New Colorful Art Wear & Home Decor by Artist Rachael Grad

Stay tuned for the limited edition luxury scarves, pillows and art prints. I hope to see over on my VIP Art List where you'll get news first and exclusive sales and discounts on new art. (Click here to get on my VIP Art List)