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New York Studio Interior Artwork Now Available as an Art Print

New York Studio Interior Artwork Now Available as an Art Print by artist Rachael grad

My popular and very colorful New York Studio Interior artwork is now available as a 10" x 8" Fine Art or lower cost Digital Print. If you're interested in different artwork sizes or materials, please contact me for additional art print options. 

Colorful Abstract Interior Painting

This large interior painting shown below was painted from life in my New York art studio in 2008. Bold brushstrokes of strong, bright colors make this a lively artwork.

The colorful original painting was made with oil paint on linen stretched on a wooden 4' x 5' frame that I built. At the time, it was the largest painting I had made.

This interior setting is very vibrant and colorful with lots of blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, pink, green and multicolors. I've shown it in public spaces including the Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre & Spa.

new york studio interior painting oil on linen by artist rachael grad

A Popular, Colorful Art Print That Other Artists Have Copied

When the original New York Studio Interior Painting was shown a few years ago, I had issues with a copycat artist pretending to want to buy my painting. The fake art collector initially asked me for a high resolution image and lots of detailed information about the original painting.

I offered to sell her an art print of the original. The fake art collector/copycat later admitted that she wanted the painting image and artwork information so that she could copy my art herself. I was really upset by the experience and wrote about it in this Blog Post: When Art and Law Collide: Dealing with a Copycat (click here to read it).

For many years after that copycat art experience, I've kept the painting hidden in my home. Because so people love this artwork, I'm now offering it as an art print on high quality paper.  If you'd like to have this art print in a different size or material, please contact me for a custom quote and additional art print options.