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New Profile Photo...

New Profile Photo of Artist Rachael Grad in Art Print Leggings with Abstract Color Paintings

Here's a recent photograph of me in Sami Art Print Leggings with new abstract color paintings in the background. I really hate photos of myself and prefer to hide behind my artwork.

I still haven't lost all the pregnancy weight from baby #3 and feel very large, shy and self-conscious. So I did my makeup and hair (which I rarely bother with these days), put on my favorite clothes (including my own art print leggings), and got some professional shots with my artwork in the background to make me feel better about being in photos.

I decided to wear my art print leggings for the photoshoot so I'd be more comfortable about the whole nerve-wracking ordeal. I made this photograph my new profile pic on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Saatchi, etc. Hope you approve!