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New Abstract Landscape Painting on Metal

New Abstract Landscape painting on metal art by Artist Rachael Grad

Abstract Lanscape Paintings

This new colorful landscape on metal is part of a new abstract painting series. What started off as meditative color studies (see this art blog post on Dot Series Paintings: Color & Meditation) has branched into several new art projects. Red Blue Abstract Landscape on Metal is part of a new (and still evolving) landscape series.

This small art piece started off as a more traditional landscape painting. Over the course of  many painting sessions, the artwork developed more into abstract art that has little resemblance to a typical landscape. I used brushstrokes of mostly primary colors (red, blue and yellow along with green and purple) layered over time to create the textures in this painting. 


Original Abstract Art on Metal Panels

Since last year I've been experimenting with painting on different surfaces, including aluminum panels. I've tried painting on brushed and smooth aluminum surfaces. The silver metal color can be seen behind the layers of brushstrokes.

A textured shine on the painting is difficult to capture in photographs. Looking at the artwork from different angles changes how the light and colors on the painting appear. Textured brushstrokes can be seen on the painting's surface.