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New Art Commission in Toronto House

New Toronto Art Commission by artist Rachael Grad, Colorful original painting

Just Installed: Original 4' x 6' Painting

I'm proud to share this large painting commission just installed last week in a gorgeous Toronto home. The lovely art collectors, Lindsey and Mike, are parents of two kids. They liked an existing painting (click here to see it) but it wasn’t big enough for the living room wall in their brand new family home. 
The smaller artwork, Turquoise Lines Abstract Painting, is only 2' x 3." For Lindsey and Mike's large open plan living room, they wanted a bigger artwork. 

The Art Commission Process for Toronto Collectors

Toronto Art Commission by Artist Rachael Grad Original Color Abstract PaintingAs we're all in Toronto, the art collectors were able to see many examples of original paintings in person.  After visiting my Toronto art studio and picking a few original pieces, I brought the paintings that Lindsey and Mike liked to their house in east end Toronto. This allowed us to see the different colors and artwork in the space where it would be installed.  After considering the small original paintings in their home, Lindsey and Mike chose the style and colors they wanted for a large commissioned original painting.   The living room and new home as a whole was mostly white and neutral in color. Lindsey and Mike asked for a colourful, textured large Fluid Series painting to add lots of colour and fun to their new family home. 

I created this large 4 x 6 foot painting for them based on what we discussed:

  • the right size for their large living room wall,
  • the painting series they loved (Fluid Paintings with added texture), and
  • some of their preferred colours (more reds). 

Painting Large Scale Art...Again!

This art commission was really exciting for me as I love to paint on large canvases. I hadn't worked in this 4' x 6; size in over 10 years. So I was very happy to be painting a canvas that's bigger than me!

Thank you, Lindsey and Mike, for commissioning me to create this original painting for your beautiful home. 

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