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My Top 9 Instagram Posts of 2019

Color & More Color: Popular Social Media Images

2019-12-30 top 9 instagram posts of 2019 Rachael Grad Art and GiftsMy most popular Instagram posts of 2019 showed my colorful abstract paintings up close.  Other top social media posts included my pencil drawings, me hiding behind a painting, and beautiful Mom Jess and baby Rachel in my new art leggings.  As you can see from my top 9 grid shown here, I love color!  Whether painting, drawing or designing leggings and gifts, using multicolors makes me happy.  Wearing and living with bright, fun colorful art is what I like best.  Below you can see my top 3 instagram posts of 2019. All three social media posts are multicolored abstract artworks.  The photos on instagram show a detail of each original paintings up close.  Two of the artworks were artworks in progress.  I've experimented and learned a lot in 2019.  This past year I painted and drew almost every day.   On the art business and marketing side, I redid this art website 3 times and opened new art accounts on InstagramFacebookPinterest, YouTube and Twitter.  Although I only recently started my art account on Instagram last January 2019, my Instagram following has grown to over 5000 followers!  If you'd like to check out my Instagram art account, click here to see and follow me.  One of my goals for 2020 is to start shooting and posting art process videos here on my Art Blog and on YouTube.  So be sure to follow me and subscribe to my YouTube channel.



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My top three instagram posts of 2019 are all details of multicolored paintings shown here...

 2019-12-30 top 3 instagram posts in 2019 from Rachael Grad Art and Gifts

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy and Healthy 2020! 

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