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Mom & Me Matching Art Leggings: Popular Styles

Bestselling Art Leggings from 2019 (so far)!

Mom & Me Art Leggings by Artist Rachael Grad popular colorful tights for women and kidsMommy and me matching legging sets have been popular, especially the colorful Sami legging abstract art print. The multicolored leggings were my first design and have been popular at markets and in my online Art Shop. Women and girls are really drawn to the bright, fun colors and comfortable fit. This is the first year that I've started designing art leggings. It's been a lot of fun to both create, gift and wear these colorful pants! All art leggings are made, printed in and shipped from Canada. The legging fabric is even made and hand sewn by professionals in Canada. I'm proud to have a local manufacturer for these 100% Canadian made leggings!  

Black Leggings Top Selling in Toronto

In person at local markets and shops in Toronto, black leggings for women have been my top sellers. Torontonians love to wear dark colors, especially black! The black abstract Max and Alex prints are what women in Toronto seem to love best.

Mom & Me Matching Leggings  

Adorable mom Jess (from Pilates on Demand and the Healthy Sweet Potato) and her baby girl Rachel have been wearing my matching Matching and Me Leggings. You can see them here in the colorful Sami and black abstract Alex prints.  

Here are my most popular art leggings from 2019 (so far!)...