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Happy Mother’s Day Colouring Card with Mom & Baby Elephants

Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone Celebrating in the U.S. and Canada

A few years ago, I drew this Coloring Sheet of a mom and baby elephant with entwining trunks. You can get the black and white version if you want to get a copy for yourself to download, print and personalize for your own mother:

Click here to Get the Free Mother's Day Card and other colouring sheets.

mom and baby elephants colored in colouring in card by by Artist Rachael Grad color

The Mother’s Day coloring card shown here was coloured in with crayons. Different shades of blue, brown, pink and green were used to personalize the card. Clouds were drawn in with light blue crayon. 

Even though I drew this coloring card a few years ago and have shared it since then, it still works well as an adorable, personal Mother’s Day Card. Who doesn’t love seeing mom and baby animals? Elephants are sweet and lovable, especially when a mother and baby are shown interacting together. 

Coloring cards are a fun way to get kids involved in creating a homemade, unique gift. Unlike other cards, this one is free to use, personalize and give to your mom! 

Wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day...

I wish you, your family and friends a very happy Mother’s Day. Feel free to download this Mother's Day coloring sheet of a mom and baby elephant: Click Here to Get the Free Mother's Day Card

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