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Happy International Women's Day

Canadian Women in Art Leggings

cute dogs and Grace in Alex Art Leggings by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

Today is International Women's Day all around the world. As you can see from this photo of dogs and Grace in my Alex Art Leggings taken in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, spring is almost here. This year most Canadians have stayed home because of the worldwide pandemic and travel restrictions. Many Canadian women, like Grace, have embraced cold weather sports like hiking and skiing to enjoy the winter. Thank you so much to Grace for sharing this adorable photograph with three sweet dogs in Collingwood, Ontario while wearing my art leggings. Blogger Grace tagged me on Instagram with this cute dog photo last in the spring-like weather in Collingwood. She's also posted other beautiful outdoor sports photos of her wearing my art leggings around Ontario, Canada on social media. Because it's International Women's Day, I'm sharing a favorite quote from famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, 

I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint.

- Frida Kahlo

"I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint" quote by Frida Kahlo

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Great Quote from Artist Frida Kahlo

" I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint" - Frida Kahlo quote with art by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

Grace in my Alex Art Leggings surrounded by adorable dogs in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada...

Art Leggings by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad in Collingwood Ontario

Thank you again to Grace for sharing beautiful photos of you and dog friends winter hiking around Ontario in my Art Leggings!