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Happy International Dog Day 2019: Art for Dog Lovers

Happy International Dog Day 2019 2 Dogs Swimming in Venice, Italy by Artist Rachael Grad

August 26th is International Dog Day 2019

Today, the last Monday of summer is International Dog Day 2019, the day marked  to recognize the importance of dogs and how they daily impact people's lives. So Happy International Dog Day to all the dog owners and dog lovers!

At the end of August during these last "dog days of summer," I always think of my time studying art and photographing dogs in Italy. So today, International Dog Day 2019, is the perfect day to share one of my favorite dog artworks: 2 Dogs Swimming in the Giudecca Canal in Venice, Italy.   

Photographing Dogs In Venice, Italy

Over two summers I lived and studied art in Venice, Italy studying for a Master's of Art with NYU. During one summer in Venice, Italy, I missed my new dog very much. It was the first time I was away from my sweet puppy dog since getting her the previous fall.

So what did I notice while away from my dog in Italy? The dogs and cats that freely roamed the streets and alleys of Venice, Italy.

Happy International Dog Day 2019: Art for Dog Lovers by artist Rachael Grad Dogs swimming

2 Dogs in Venice, Italy Artwork 

Every evening I saw these two large dogs (golden retrievers or labradors) on their daily walk along the Giudecca Canal in Dorsoduro, Venice. The particular evening when I captured this Venetian photograph was exceptionally hot and humid.

The two dogs begged and begged until their owner let them off-lease. The big dogs immediately ran for the canal water and jumped in for a refreshing swim!

Behind the two dogs you can see a Venice vaporetto boat (the Venetian version of public metro/subway) pulling away in the canal waters. The gorgeous historic buildings of Giudecca Island are also seen in the background. 

This dogs art print looks great paired with another photograph, "2 Dogs in the Water, Giudecca Canal, Venice, Italy." 

Wishing you and your dogs a Happy International Dog Day 2019!