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Happy Easter 2020

Bunny Rabbit Sketchbook Drawing

Happy Easter! Bunny Rabbit pencil drawing by Toronto Artist Rachael GradHappy Easter, or Passover to you, your family and friends!  In these strange, surreal times of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve restarted quick daily drawings in pencil on paper.  My kids are home from school and my husband and I are trying to work from home while keeping our kids busy.  I drew this pencil drawing of my child's beloved stuffed bunny rabbit during nap time a few days ago.  In the last month while schools, work and businesses in Toronto have been closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I've found little time to paint or make art.  At first this was really frustrating me as I have several paintings and commission artworks in progress.  As my spring and summer art shows, exhibitions and markets all got cancelled or postponed to fall or winter 2020, I realized that it was time to find on different art series and projects.  My art studio has been taken over by homeschooling work and my children and family need way more attention and time.  The days are long and I'm too exhausted in the evenings to make art when my family goes to sleep.  Improvising a way to continue making art, my solution has been to find a few minutes in the (mostly) quiet afternoons while my kids are relaxing or napping.  In this midday time, I've been drawing my children's toys and stuffed animals.  These pencil gesture sketches are quick and often interrupted by my kids.  So the drawing style is loose and expressive.  In the last few weeks I’ve drawn my children's stuffed toy llama, beaver, dogs, teddy bears, monkey, penguin and mouse.  These are toys and stuffed animals that my kids play with and enjoy, especially now that we're home all day every day due to COVID-19 restrictions.   If you have any requests for toy or stuffed animals drawings, please let me know.  As time permits, I’ll be adding new drawings in pencil on paper to my Art Shop.  In the meantime, you can see some of my recently drawn black and white sketches below. 

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Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter 2020!

As my daily drawing project progress, I'll post new original drawings of stuffed animals, toys and other subjects on this Art Blog and in my online Art Shop.  I hope you're keeping healthy and positive during this difficult COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto, Canada and around the world. 

Happy Easter! Bunny Rabbit original pencil drawing by Artist Rachael Grad