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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Color & Art Inspiration from Mexico

Inspiration from Mexico Photo by Rachael Grad

Back this week from our first family vacation to Mexico. Too bad we're not there today to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Instead, I'll share inspirational photos from our trip to Cancun and a few more beach drawings made that I haven't yet posted.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Color & Art Inspiration from Mexico morning light trees tennis courts

Colorful Photographs of Trees, Plants & Iguanas in Mexico

In complete contrast to Toronto at the same time, Cancun trees, flowers and plants were in full bloom. We saw lots of birds, iguanas and flowers. Shown are photos I took at in Cancun of the beautiful resort at Club MED Cancun Yucatan. Bright green palm trees plants and beautiful flowers in pink, red, orange. Shown above is a photo of the trees and tennis courts captured in soft, but strong, morning light.

The flight from Toronto Cancun is less than four hours away but the contrast in climate is like another planet! We saw many iguanas around the resort, including this mom and baby iguana pair in the photo below. My children enjoyed seeing these exotic animals and even game them names! 

The colors and flavors of Mexico iguana mom and baby rachael grad artist photo photograph

Colors of Mexico Inspiring My New Paintings

The images captured in this photographs of Mexico are already making their way into my new artwork. This week I was adding bright greens, blues, oranges and pinks into my abstract flower paintings. All colors that I saw while at Club MED Cancun Yucatan and have remained vividly clear in my mind and imagination. 

While away on vacation, I always bring my sketchbook and drawing materials. I took the opportunity to capture quick moments of people at our resort in pencil drawings. 

Inspiration from Mexico Sketchbook drawings by Rachael Grad

Gesture Drawings of Women on the Beach in Cancun, Mexico

Shown here are two pages from my sketchbook of gesture drawings of women relaxing on the beach. The first page above shows women in different poses reclining on beach chairs. The second sketchbook page below shows a seated woman with the actual Club MED Cancun Yucatan beach, volleyball court, lifeguard and ocean in the background. 

Inspiration from Mexico drawing of woman on the beach by Rachael Grad

Drawings & Sketchbook Pages While Visiting Mexico

Last week, I shared other drawings and sketches made at Club MED Cancun Yucatan. If you like seeing pages of my sketchbook, you can see more in these previous posts on my Art Blog:

Travel is one of my favorite things to do. Making art while traveling is even better! While I love traveling, I'm super happy to be back in Toronto painting in my own studio. I look forward to seeing how figure and gesture drawings influence my new artwork. 

Happy Cinco de Mayo!