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Happy Birthday Colouring Card with Dog

My adorable dog Cassidy turns 7 this month. In honor of Cassidy’s birthday, I made this Happy Birthday Colouring Card with Dog.

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The dog in the colouring card is modeled after my dog Cassidy. I have plenty of practice drawing and painting her, especially while she’s sleeping!

happy birthday colouring card with dog art for kids rachael gradI got Cassidy in my first year of art school in New York. During that first semester of art school, Cassidy kept me company in my art studio and attended many art classes, lectures, and artist talks.

Earlier this year, Cassidy had polyarthritis. We had a good scare but thankfully she recovered. Cassidy still the only other female in my house. I knew my husband was a keeper because of Cassidy. When she met my husband, Cassidy immediately fell in love with him.


dog in birthday hat
My Dog Cassidy with a Pink Birthday Hat


Why Make Colouring Cards?

Even before I became a mother, I was fascinated by animals. Cassidy featured prominently in my paintings and other artwork. More recently, I started painting and drawing animals and toys.

Visit my Art for Kids page to see examples of this artwork that’s great for kids’ rooms and kid-friendly decor. In early 2015 I began a Daily Drawing Project.

Read more about this project and the process on previous blog posts including Why Draw the Elephant? Daily Drawing Project FAQ’s.

See more sketches of my dog Cassidy in these posts: iPad Drawing of Sleeping Dog and Using my iPad to Sketch & Draw.

How to Get the Free Birthday Card Now

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Get the Free Birthday Card Now (Click Here)

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