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Ghosting Art Show

“Ghosting: an exhibition for all Hallows' Eve” was curated by Rachel Sharp for BOOM Contemporary. I have ghostly paintings in this art show available for viewing on Artsy including from my "After the Plague Party" series. 

Ghosting Art Show Statement:

"The phenomenon of 'painterliness' has a different value today than it did in the past. It functions less as a signifier of the individual artist’s stylistic signature or as the trace of emotional expression or of the labor of making that would have been concealed by a smoothed-over high finish — though it can still be all of those — than as a way of allowing the painting to linger in the condition in which things are still unsettled, metamorphic, in transition." Barry Schwabsky (2010)

Ghosting Art Show with artwork by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

This Halloween inspired gallery-wide exhibition explores the ephemeral and transitional in painting, printmaking and other media. The works in this show express the themes using a diverse vocabulary: the illumination of a figure as it turns into the sunlight, the pentimento of an interior drawing in charcoal, the abstract shapes of shadows on trees and clouds, and narratives around memory, ephemerality and mortality. Ghosting is on view from October 26th through December 31st with BOOM Contemporary on Artsy.

Exhibiting Artists in the Ghosting Art Exhibition include:

Alla Broeksmit, Whit Conrad, Yael Dresdner, Camilla Fallon, Jill Finsen, Robert Franca, Stephanie Franks, Monica Godwin, Rachael Grad, Elizabeth Higgins, Eva Jimenez, Kirby Kendrick, Don Kimes, Ahni Kruger, Lucy Lamphere, Basmat Levin, Janette Maxey, Rifka Milder, Noreen Naughton, Misato Pang, Susu Pianchupattana, Edmond Praybe, Karlis Rekevics, Suzanna Schlemm, Rachel Sharp, Lisa Steffens, Kamilla Talbot, James Jared Taylor, Jim Torok, Beth Vendryes Williams, and Megan Williamson.

Happy Halloween to you and your loved ones! 

Ghosting Art exhibition with paintings by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

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