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Free Mother's Day Card for Kids to Colour (Download Now)

For Mother's Day in 2015 I created this FREE Mother's Day card of mommy and baby elephants. I designed the card for kids or adults to download, print, and colour. I'm proud and a little nervous to share this first attempt at illustration.

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Free Mother's Day Card for Kids to Colour (Download Now) by Artist Rachael GradWhy Am I Making Illustration? 
Colouring books are now popular not just for kids but for adults too. Adults use colouring as a way to relax, unleash creativity and make beautiful art. If you're feeling generous, you can also let your kids colour the card!

Since becoming a mom, my art style and subject matter evolved and changed. In 2015 and 2016 I painted and drew animals and toys. This Mother's Day card was my first attempt at illustration. I started out making paintings and artwork for my child's room.

Then I began painting the toys and stuffed animals around the house. You can see some examples on my drawing and painting pages and read about the process on previous blog posts.

Making Illustration: a Mistake for Fine Artists? 

As a more traditional artist trained in Life Painting and Drawing, I was nervous to share my art that appeals more to kids. I was also hesitant to even attempt illustration because many respected art professors look down on illustration as an art form and discourage fine artists from making commercial art. This type of art for kids and illustration is fun, whimsical and light-hearted. My toy animal artwork is not serious or academic like my older paintings and drawings.

Why the Elephants?

In 2015 I painted and drew a toy elephant for over 75 days in a row! Surprisingly, I'm still inspired by this elephant. Some friends may have been a little tired of seeing so much art of the same toy elephant. My husband at one point told me "Enough with the Elephant!" but I didn't feel ready to move away from it for a while.

Instead, I adding other toys to the paintings and drawings. My focus on the toy elephant inspired me to draw a mother and baby elephant for the Mother's Day Card.
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Why a Mother's Day Card? 

In 2015 I made this card based on my new series of toy elephant paintings and drawings. I decided to share it because I had fun making the illustration. The parents and children who have seen the Mother's Day Card enjoy it. I wanted to share it and see if it more broadly appeals to parents and children.