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Free Father's Day Colouring Card (Download Now)

happy father's day colouring in card penguins rachael grad artFor Father’s Day a few years ago I created this FREE Father’s Day card of a father and baby penguin. My free Mother's Day colouring card of a mom and baby elephant was well-received and pretty popular. So I made a new card for Father's Day that kids or adults can download, print, and colour.

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Why Penguins?

I chose penguins for this Father's Day card because penguin fathers are known to be among the best dads in the animal kingdom. My high school mascot was a penguin so I have a soft spot for penguins.

Penguin Fathers

A Father penguin guards the single penguin egg laid by a mother penguin. While the mother penguin goes out to hunt for food, the father penguin keeps the egg warm, resting the egg on his feet covered by a feathered flap. Penguin fathers huddle together to keep warm. For over two months in the freezing Antartica cold the penguin fathers eat nothing but snow.

When the egg hatches and the baby penguin is born, the penguin father feeds the baby warm, milk-like liquid from his throat until the mother penguin returns with food. Only then will the father penguin leave the baby penguin to go hunt, feed himself, and rest. 

Why Make Coloring Cards?

Since becoming a mom, the style and subject matter of my artwork has changed. I’ve started painting and drawing animals and toys. This Father’s Day card is my first attempt at illustrating penguins. It's my second attempt at colouring card illustration (the first was the Mother's Day Card).

When my child was a newborn baby, I started making paintings and artwork of animals for his room. Then I began painting the toys and stuffed animals around the house. Visit my new Art for Kids page to view examples of this artwork.

In early 2015 I began a Daily Drawing Project. Read more about this project and the process on previous blog posts including Why Draw the Elephant? Daily Drawing Project FAQ’s.

How to Get the Free Download Now

If you like the two penguins colouring card, you can download it below. More printable cards and downloadable art will be offered in my monthly email newsletter.

Click here to get the free Father's Day and other Coloring Cards.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Father's Day!

free printable Father's Day Coloring Card by Artist Rachael Grad