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Digital Drawing of my Sleeping Dog

My Dog is a Favorite Art Subject

One of my favorite subjects to draw and paint is my dog. I've painted and drawn her a lot over the years. She's not the most complaint of subjects because she's never been very good at sitting still and posing for long stretches of time. For this reason, it's much easier to sketch her (as quickly as possible) than to paint her (painting typically takes a lot more time to set up and clean up).

Drawing with Colour on the Brushes App 

In this digital drawing using the Brushes App, I experimented a bit with colour intensity levels and combinations. I also tried out varying pen/brush widths. Using the Brushes App and drawing with my finger on an iPad was still a new process for me when I made this. I was still familiarizing myself with the various features and options. I hope that this will become a more intuitive process with practice and repetition.

Sleeping Dog 4, iPad Drawing, Brushes App, 2015 rachael grad artwork art

Sleeping Dog 4, iPad Drawing, Brushes App, 2015