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Digital Collage “The End”


New Digital Art Collage “The End” by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad
Stuck at home like most people I created a new digital art collage in March 2020. This crowd scene artwork is a response to the changes in the world, society and human interactions due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can see the full video artwork below...

Digital Collage Art Process

To start the video collage art, I put together a collage of found photographs online showing busy cities, high rise architecture and people moving in crowds through these lively, packed spaces. My intention was for the initial artwork image to have elements that are familiar yet overall it’s discombobulating, busy and jarring -- much like city living until the recent closures in Toronto, Canada and worldwide.

In the video subtle particles of faint coronavirus cells slowly enter the image (created by a brush shaped like a COVID-19 cell). The humans start wearing masks and gloves and then gradually fade away. Even the buildings, trees, and sky disappear.

Only one woman is left in a dark, bleak space. She is alone and her face is reflected in the glow of a digital screen. She attempts communicating with friends in the dark, but they too fade. The woman is left alone in the dark, her face glowing from the light of her cellphone. But she feels fine. The illustrated changes are timed to the beat of the song "It's the end of the world as we know it" by REM.

Watch my new Digital Collage "The End" 

I love creating digital collage art!

Creating Digital Collage Art by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad