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Detail of Colorful Abstract Interior Painting

Detail of Colorful Abstract Interior Painting by Artist Rachael Grad Bold Multicoloured Brushstrokes

Shown here is a detail of a colorful abstract interior painting I made last winter. I tried to capture the cold Northern light coming through the windows with bold brushstrokes of paint colors.

Inspiration Behind New Colorful Abstract Interior Paintings

Being stuck inside last winter (during many snowstorms and extreme cold - thanks, Canada!) inspired me to start painting interiors again. I haven't painted interior rooms and architecture in many years.

This new abstract interior painting series combines my recent abstract color artwork with my older, more realistic life paintings. You can see the same bold brushstrokes and color combinations as my recent meditative dot series paintings.

During the gorgeous summer in Toronto I'm drawing and painting outdoors whenever I get the chance. I plan to paint more colorful abstract interiors once the weather cools off again in fall.

Something to look forward to when the weather in Toronto cools again...