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Daily Drawing During a Pandemic

New Daily Drawing Project in Lockdown Sketchbook Drawing Project during a Pandemic by Artist Rachael Grad

I started a new daily drawing project in March 2020 when Toronto schools and businesses closed because of COVID-19 restrictions.  For my new sketching project, each day my kids or I choose a toy or stuffed animal for me to draw.  I’ve been drawing in pencil on archival paper or in my sketchbook.  My sketching time varies from day to day depending on what’s happening with my kids.  The toy and animal drawings may not work out well and I don’t always get to finish the sketch.  Sometimes a child decides to join me in drawing, like the camel drawing shown here.  

Drawing with Kids at Home...Camel Drawing with Scribbles by Artist Rachael Grad

Other times one of my kids finds my sketchbook and adds to my drawings.  Even when the drawings aren’t as finished or polished as I’d like, the daily drawing project is helping me to both keep up my art practice and my spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Having a daily drawing project makes me feel like I’m improving my art skills.  So far I’ve drawn various stuffed toy dogs, llamas, teddy bears, unicorns, a Care Bear stuffy, a Winnie the Poo stuffed bear, and more toys.  

Unless using washable Crayola paint with my kids, I haven’t been painting much these last few months.  During this stay-at-home time, I did finish my mixed media sculpture for the Baycrest Brain Project Art Show.  Now I’m starting work on a new set of commissioned paintings! I’ve been really excited to get started on the new painting commissions, which I’ll post on this Art Blog when completed.  I’ll also be keeping up with my three children and the daily sketchbook project

If you have any requests for toy or stuffed animals drawings, please let me know.  I’m a bit delayed in posting my newest toy and stuffed animal drawings to my Art Shop but will be adding more as I can.  In the meantime, you can see some brand new and available black and white toy and animal pencil sketches below. 

Shop Original Drawings of Toys and Stuffed Animals


Stay tuned for more Daily Drawings of toys and animals!

I'll be posting new original drawings of toys, dolls, stuffed, toys and other objects from around my house on this Art Blog and in my online Art Shop. 

Toy Animal Drawings by Canadian Artist Rachael Grad