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Commissioned Painting in New Home Office

Colorful Home/New Office Artwork 

home office original painting commission by Toronto Artist Rachael GradWorking from home because of COVID-19 closures in Toronto, Lindsey and Mike sent me this view of their living room. This beautiful open concept living room has now become their mutual new work/home office space.  My colorful abstract painting is hanging on the wall behind Lindsey's laptop.  Lindsey and Mike commissioned me to paint this original artwork last year to hang in their brand new Toronto home.  I'm so thrilled that my painting is adding color and fun to their home and work spaces.  You can read more about this art commissions in this Art Blog Post "Thank you, Lindsey and Mike!"  Here are 6 Reasons to Commission Art (click here to read the art blog post), along with information on how to commission original artwork.  If you've bought my original artwork, leggings or gifts and are happy with your purchase, please write a review on Facebook (click here to see my Facebook page) or tag me on on Instagram.  Nothing makes me happier than positive feedback from happy art collectors and customers, it makes my day!  I love reposting your photos, positive reviews and testimonials on my social media accounts. You can find me as @RachaelGradArt on InstagramFacebookTwitter, TikTok and other social media platforms.   

Thank you, Lindsey and Mike for sharing your photos of my painting your new home office/living room! 

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 Home Office Commissioned Painting by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad