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Colorful, Abstract Fluid Series Paintings

fluid series paintings abstract acrylic artwork by artist rachael grad bright beautiful colors

The Story Behind My Fluid Series Paintings

The abstract colorful Fluid Series Paintings began in 2018 when I went back to painting with acrylics for the first time since high school. Playing with acrylic paint color has been incredibly exciting. It's inspired me to create completely different artwork than my watercolor and oil paintings.

Below is more on why I'm so in love with experimenting with acrylic paint and the process and inspiration behind this new Fluid Paintings Series.

Fluid Series 5 Acrylic On Canvas 30 x 24 x 1.5 in Rachael Grad abstract colorful artwork

Why I Now Love Painting with Acrylics

Acrylic gels and mediums allow me to change the consistently, texture and shine of the paint according to what effect I'm looking to create. Sometimes I want a glossy, see-through color, like in these fluid layered paintings shown here.  You can make that iridescent glossy look by adding lots of acrylic gloss gel to color paint.

Other times I add matte medium to dull the shine on color. Fluid acrylic medium makes the paint watery, runny and shiny. This is a great tool for working on my fluid series paintings. 

Acrylic paint dries quickly so enables me to rapidly build up layers, color and texture. Because it dries fast, I can work at home in short sessions in between cooking, playing with the kids or doing other house work. 

My love affair with acrylic paint has lasted over a year and counting. The fast-drying, malleable nature of acrylic paint and medium has allowed me to create of new fluid paintings. Next read about the process of making the fluid painting series.  

fluid painting progression by artist rachael grad abstract acrylic artwork drip 2019 colorful


Process for Creating My Fluid Series Paintings

In my Fluid Series paintings I’m forced to give up control of the paint and the result. The watery paint travels, changes and moves on its own. These artworks are painted over many sessions, very slowly with wet brushes and runny paint.

The colors are mixed on the palette before slowly and carefully dripped onto the canvas. Once placed on the canvas, the watery, saturated colors often run into one another and make new, surprising combinations. This creates a fluid effect of colored lively, dripping lines. 

Using acrylic glazes and mediums enhances the colors and textures of beautiful  color as they drip and blend on the canvas. 

Shown above are a few photos of a fluid painting in process. You can see the slow buildup of dripping lines over multiple painting sessions. 

Painting with acrylics again has reignited my love of color and texture and this is apparent in my fluid series paintings. You can see in these photographs how I build up the colors over time. 

Fluid Series 3 Dark and Stormy Acrylic On Canvas 24 x 18 x 1.5 in Rachael Grad art painting

Some recent Fluid Series Paintings are currently on view in different locations in Toronto, Canada. I have two large pieces in progress in my art studio. Available fluid series paintings are listed in my online Art Shop.