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Color Pencil Drawings in Mexico

drawings in mexico Artist Rachael Grad sketches Cactus plants cacti urns mexicanSharing new drawings and quick sketches this week. No new paintings to share from this past week as I’m out of town! Taking a break from the cold and rain in Toronto, I’m on a family vacation in Cancun, Mexico. I brought my sketchbook and pencils and have been drawing people relaxing on the beach. I posted some of these quick, gesture drawings in this post Quick Drawings on the Beach. Today I’m sharing a few color sketches of cactus plants and palm trees. 

drawings in mexico Artist Rachael Grad palm trees sketches

Drawing Palm Trees and Cactus Plants 

After mostly gesture drawings and quick sketches in pencil, I broke out the color pencil a few days ago to do some color drawings here in Mexico. 
At our resort, there are lots of palm trees and brightly painted buildings. Shown are palms waving in the wind and a turquoise building with thatched hut. The breeze feels wonderful on the hot, sunny beach and creates interesting movement in the palm leaves. 
Shown is a cacti plant with many arms against a dark room and arched doorway. In front are two traditional Mexican clay urns. The sun is bright and intense here. The vivid greens of the cactus contrast against the earthy orange ceramics and dark brown room.