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Collage Paintings Inspired by Travel

mixed media collage painting detail by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad
On my recent trip to Tel Aviv-Jaffo, I took a ton of photographs that are now influencing my paintings. Travel always inspires me to bring back new colors and ideas to the artwork I make in my Toronto art studio.

Travel Photographs as Painting Inspiration

I've been looking at my recent travel photos and sketches and working with them to make collage paintings. I'm experimenting with 3 different ways of combining my photographs, mixed media and paint.

3 Ways of Collage Painting: 

  1. A digital collage of my photos that I created, printed and am now painting on top of;
  2. Painting with acrylic on panel using as a guideline a collage I made of 3 or 4 of my own photographs that I printed, tore up and glued together; and
  3. Good old fashioned collage with torn photographs, paper, other paintings, paint and anything and everything I can find in my art studio.

I’m enjoying the process of each type of collage painting and can't decide which way of working I like best. 

Digital and Mixed Media Collage Painting by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

I'm not ready to share the full paintings as they're not finished. Here I'm showing details of 3 different collage paintings in process. One is on canvas and the other two artworks are on wood panel. I think these three paintings are close to being finished. More artworks are in process in my art studio. 

Travel Inspired Collage Paintings by Artist Rachael Grad

Stay tuned to see how these new collage paintings look when finished. I'll post the completed artworks here on my Art Blog. 

Here are finished original paintings now available in my Art Shop...