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Collage Painting in Progress

Mixed Media Collage Artwork of Tel Aviv

Collage Painting in Process of Tel Aviv by Toronto Artist Rachael GradA detail of a new collage painting in progress. The process of creating mixed media collage artworks has been both really challenging but also very satisfying. I'm enjoying combining paint, my travel photographs and whatever art materials I have lying around my studio into new artwork. My mixed media materials include old paintings that are damaged or I no longer like, palette paper and random colorful objects.  I cut up these odds and ends of art supplies and stick onto a panel or canvas. Then I paint over and around the collage. The collage painting detail shown here includes photographs and sketches from a recent trip to Tel Aviv. The bright light and completely different color combinations in Tel Aviv have been so inspiring to me. I love bringing back new images, sketches and color ideas from travel to rework in my Toronto art studio. Stay tuned to see how this collage painting progresses...


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